About the Author

AllisonOne very early morning, Allison B. Hanson woke up with a conversation going on in her head.  It wasn’t so much a dream as being forced awake by her imagination. Unable to go back to sleep, she gave in, went to the computer, and began writing.  Years later it still hasn’t stopped.

Allison lives near Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her contemporary romances include paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery suspense.  She enjoys candy immensely, as well as long motorcycle rides, running and reading.

Watch an interview with the author here.

Allison also writes under the name Anson Barber.

She would love to hear from you at


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2 Responses to About the Author

  1. Judy Perini says:

    Hi Allison,
    I spoke to you on Saturday at the Lebanon expo and purchased When Least Expected. I finished it last night! I truly enjoyed it and will look to purchase some of you prior books until Nick of Time comes out. I will certainly recommend your books to others. It was nice meeting you.
    Judy Perini

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