Ally Hanson

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Ally Hanson (aka Allison B. Hanson) is the Children’s and YA author of :

The Berry Fairy – Available Now!

The Berry Fairy (2)


Going Home – Coming Soon!!


Earth is in danger of being destroyed by a cyborg eagle named EagleEye. Alien Cash tried to stop him, but his ship was damaged and the power cell was stolen.

In order to save the planet and get the power cell back, he’s gathered a team of superheroes to help.

D89 the robot, DeathStroke the cyborg, and LavaMan the enhanced human are ready to join forces and destroy EagleEye.

But EagleEye has the help of his BirdBots and an ice dragon named Hielo.

Can they stop EagleEye from destroying Earth and repair Cash’s ship so he can go home?

Note: This book was written with the help of students in the N.I.C.K. Services after school program. Proceeds from this book will go to the Northwest Elementary School Library. 


Atlanta to Atlantis

El Paso to El Dorado

Olympia to Mt. Olympus