Her Forbidden Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 3

Her Forbidden Highlander Husband v8Found wandering on MacKinlay lands when he was a young boy, Liam was given a
home and a name by the MacKinlay laird. He was grateful, yet, he never quite felt
like he belonged. Instead, he longed to one day have a family of his own. And he’d
hoped to start that family with Evelyn Stewart.
Having met her years ago under dire
circumstances, he hadn’t forgotten the strong woman he’d escorted back to her family’s
lands. When her father rejects his offer for her a third time, Liam has no choice but to
return to his clan empty-handed and empty-hearted.
Evelyn made a mistake years ago and paid for it dearly. During her time in captivity,
she’d wished only to be returned to her loving father. But the kind man she’d known
changed into a bitter laird who has barely looked at her the last four years. Now, he plans to marry her off to a man she’s never met to a clan she knows nothing about. She hoped never to be forced to marry, but now that it seems inevitable, the best she can hope for is to pick a man she knows to be kind. Liam MacKinlay was a friend years ago. During her darkest days when she’d thought she might fall apart, he was there to help hold her together.
Running away to marry him seems like her best option at the time, and Liam is willing to
face whatever comes next to have her as his wife. But every decision has repercussions
and every marriage faces challenges.
They can only hope their marriage doesn’t end in war for their clans.

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Her Reluctant Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 2

Her Reluctant Highlander Husband-500After nine lonely years as her father’s prisoner, Dorie McCurdy is forced to marry the new war chief of clan MacKinlay. Terrified and unwilling to speak, she imagines the worst of her handsome, imposing new husband.

Bryce MacKinlay Campbell’s wife and child were taken by illness years ago, and all he’s wanted since is to be alone. Unfortunately, he is ordered to marry the McCurdy laird’s daughter for an alliance between their clans. He’s appalled by the way his bride is treated by her family when she shows up looking like a ragged, homeless waif. Bryce can provide for her needs, and offer his name, but not his heart—that will never happen again.

In her husband’s strong arms, Dorie slowly emerges from her silence…and gradually the ice around Bryce’s heart begins to melt. But when she is unexpectedly offered an annulment, she must choose—stay with Bryce, who she’s fallen in love with but who never wanted her, or choose the unknown possibilities of a different future.

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Her Accidental Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 1

HerAccidentalHighlanderHusbandMarian Fletcher Blackley, Duchess of Endsmere, is on the run from the English Crown for killing her abusive husband in self-defense and only has one safe place to go—the MacKinlay clan in Scotland, where her sister is the laird’s wife.

War Chief Cameron MacKinlay has vowed never to marry. He has his lands and his clan, and that’s enough for a good life. Or it was, until a sprite of a lass came running out of the forest with hounds nipping at her heels and an English bounty hunter not far behind. Cam is compelled to save her by claiming the disheveled duchess as his wife. But he certainly didn’t intend to marry her for real!

Now he’ll do anything to protect her…

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Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air 2019-10-17-13-59-53-kindleJameson Ward is finished with women who only date him for his money. None of them have ever touched his heart. But when Jameson literally runs into Nika on the street, he thinks he’s finally found the end to his wild, jet-setting lifestyle. She’s someone he can settle down with and be happy. Though Nika has won Jamie’s heart, not everyone is as convinced of her sincerity. While brushing off suspicions by his staff that she’s spying on his aeronautical enterprise, he discovers the many secrets she’s really keeping. As his company unravels and his life crumbles around him, only Nika can pick up the pieces and make him whole again.

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Racing Fate

Curtis Reed has walked the planet for as long as mortals have existed—and maybe even longer—though he can’t remember. His mission: to live among mortal humans and—with the help of his celestial assistant—fulfill contracts to expedite their deaths.

RF eCover (2)After centuries of keeping a low profile, Curtis has reinvented himself in his current life as a movie star; hoping overindulgence will distract him from the boredom. But celebrity has its own issues.

Daniella Thomas comes to the rescue, allowing him to use her truck to escape a busload of fans. He sees Dani as a sad, beautiful distraction sent to save him from his own stupid ego. After losing her husband in a racing accident, she has become that rare mortal who is aware of just how short life is.

Falling in love with a mortal is forbidden. As much as he tries to stay away, Curtis finds himself drawn back to Dani. While he struggles to find a way to keep her and his secrets, he discovers that Dani has secrets of her own.

Desperate to have Dani in his life, no matter how briefly, Curtis faces an unknown punishment for falling in love with a mortal. But whatever his fate, it’s a small price to pay for love.

Available now on Amazon!

Watched From a Distance

Book 3 in the Love Under Fire series

WatchedFromADistance_1600x2400 (2).jpgLena Scott is in a world of hurt. She’s being forced to pay off her ex’s debts to people who’d rather kill her than look at her…and are making demands she’s desperate to avoid. But kidnapping and murder? Hell, no. When the threats turn deadly, Lena refuses to be a pawn any longer.

Five years ago, U.S. Marshal Dane Ryan left his old life and went into witness protection alone to keep his family safe. Working for Task Force Phoenix under a new identity, it’s his job to protect others from those who’d harm them.

When the beautiful and mysterious Lena lures him into danger, he suddenly doesn’t know who to trust. She has her own agenda, and they both have big secrets, but for either to survive, they’ll need to work together to defeat their mutual enemy. Falling in love will only mean more to lose…

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Raven Rock

Sequel to Outer Banks


Can love survive as society collapses?

Corey McAllister lived through the first alien attack fourteen years ago. Plagued by nightmares of the giant Bugs that had infected him and made him a Haunt, he’s still leery of the government that detained him for his own protection.

Now, fully human with a PhD behind his name, he’s ready to embrace his future in aerospace engineering. But when the abandoned and forgotten alien beacons in our atmosphere send out a signal that causes a response from the former Haunts, Corey’s plans are delayed. He’s instead recruited to help find a way to stop the Bugs from returning to Earth.

Kitriona Vanetti was spared during the last attack when the Bugs passed her over to take her younger sister. Kit’s interest in insects came from a desire to be prepared for another invasion.

The entomologist has been enlisted to join Corey’s team. However, it’s clear her skills as a “bug doctor” will only be needed in a worst-case scenario.

Their attraction grows into a something stronger as they work to find a way to save the world. Another detainment for the Haunts is enacted. This time a secret, underground military installation in Raven Rock Mountain will keep the Haunts safe from any more alien signals as well as the hate groups lurking outside the gates.

Corey has been down this road before. The pressure is on to stop the Bugs from returning before society decides to go with Plan B and destroy the Haunts once and for all. As Corey gets closer to Kit, he discovers the women he loves could be an even bigger threat to humanity than the Bugs.

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The Work Wife

On the Job Romance Book 3

TheWorkWife_hires (2)

From boardroom to bedroom…
Jamie Witmer recognizes a good thing when she sees it, whether it’s the elegant buildings she helps design, or her effortless working relationship with her partner, Weston Archer. But being the second-place team at their Boston firm isn’t enough to get Jamie and Wes invited to the couples-only bonding retreats with a potential new client. So, Jamie has an idea—she and Wes will become married friends with (company) benefits…

Wes has always thought of Jamie as a great friend and better business partner, but her crazy plan—and their co-workers’ easy acceptance of the change in their relationship—has him questioning what he thought he knew. Fake marriage leads to close contact. Contact leads to temptation. And when they finally act on all that heat, the passion is more intense than even Wes could have imagined…

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But now that their friendship is irrevocably changed, it might be time for something even sweeter to begin…

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Wanted for Life 

Love Under Fire Book 2

WantedForLife_500x750 (2)Deputy Marshal Angel Larson has benn set up and accused of murder. On the run, desperate to stay one step ahead of the law and the real killer, she turns to a former protectee–the man who’s haunted her dreams… and fantasies ever since.

Former DEA agent Colton Willimanson misses the action of his past life since entering witness protection as a high school math teacher. He also misses Angel, who refused to join him in his new life. Now it’s Angel who’s in trouble, and Colton can’t help but be there for her–before it’s too late.

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 Outer Banks

OuterBanks_HANSON (2)In post-invasion America, alien-infected humans are being hunted and quarantined to the Outer Banks for their protection.  Dillon McCallister is one of the only hunters who still sees Haunts as human beings. While the job disgusts him, he continues in the belief that if he gets to them first they have a chance to be treated with respect.  He has made a successful career by taking infected humans in, but now he’s been hired to get someone out.

Dr. Emery Mitchell may be the only chance to reverse the effects of the aftermath, and save three hundred thousand detainees in the North Carolina vacation destination. Including herself.

Despite everything she has survived, and though she hates what she’s become, Dillon can still see the amazing woman behind the black eyes and cool skin. Reluctantly she begins to trust again as Dillon tries to help her feel human again.

As society begins to unravel, and hate groups demand eradication, Emery feels the pressure to find a cure before time runs out.

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Getting Down to Business

On the Job Romance – Book 2

Some jobs come with unexpected benefits . . .

GettingDownToBusiness_hires (2)Alyssa runs her personal life just like her professional one: smoothly and efficiently. She learned in the worst way possible that investing her heart in a relationship only leads to disaster, and she won’t take that risk again. Pleasure is still on the table though—as long as there are no feelings involved. Until a one-night stand leaves a lasting impression.

When after-work drinks lead to an after-hours hookup, Grayson finds himself playing by Alyssa’s rules—but she leaves him wanting more. Even when they discover they work for the same company, Alyssa is all business—on the outside, at least. As far as she’s concerned, keeping Grayson at a safe distance is now part of her job description, even if it’s her most challenging task. But when her living situation falls apart, Grayson makes her an offer she can’t refuse . . .

The terms of their new merger are strict: roommates only; hands off. But every contract can be broken—and every heart can be melted—if the deal is sweet enough . . .

Available Now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and iTunes.

Witness in the Dark

Love Under Fire Book 1 

WitnessintheDark_final (2)Deputy Marshal Garrett McKendrick does not get involved with witnesses he’s tasked to protect. Especially when his boss has a very personal reason for keeping Samantha Hutchinson alive. Can you say off limits?

But as Garrett battles to keep Sam safe from the powerful and influential people out to silence her—permanently—he finds she’s strong, feisty, and willing to risk everything to tell the truth. And totally irresistible.

Losing everything you know and love might just be worth it to meet an amazing man like Garrett. But when Sam learns he has been keeping secrets from her—big ones—she’s convinced his affectionate words were all for the sake of the job. She sends him packing. But can her new protective detail be trusted? The last team betrayed her to the enemy…

Garrett isn’t about to take any chances. Not with the woman who has stolen his heart.

Available now! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo and Entangled Publishing Inc.

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Help Wanted 

On the Job Romance – Book 1

Who said mixing work and pleasure was a bad idea?

help_wanted_hires_400x600For Kenley Carmichael, getting fired for sleeping with the boss’s husband is almost funny—at 28, she’s still a virgin. Not that her now ex-boss would believe it—Kenley’s got the face and figure to attract plenty of men, even if she’s never found the right one. A job at New Haven Custom Boats is a chance to start fresh and learn a whole new skill set. Trouble is, she can’t stop wishing her incredibly hot new boss would introduce her to some decidedly un-businesslike pleasure . . .

Zane Jackson needs a new assistant, but when his pregnant sister hires her replacement, she chooses a girl who reminds him of the kind who broke his heart in high school. Zane might not be that shy boy anymore, but sweet, sexy Kenley makes him feel every bit as awkward as he did then—and even hungrier to kiss her. She’s the perfect woman for the job—but he wants her to be so much more.

Interoffice dating can only lead to trouble—unless it leads to true love . . .

Available now: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo

Never Let Go

Book 3 in the Blue Ridge Romance Series

Just one gorgeous weekend away from reality. Then they can go on like it never happened…

NEVER-LET-GO-FINALRiley Fisher doesn’t have time to chase after men. As a single mother working two jobs, she barely has time to eat or sleep. But a girl has needs. So when handsome veteran Sam Brooks asks her out, she decides she deserves some R&R. She doesn’t expect anything else from him—after all, he’s hardly the type to get serious.

Sam came back from Afghanistan lucky to be alive, despite PTSD that hits whenever he lets down his guard. His therapist told him to forget about relationships. When he meets Riley, he’s not planning on breaking the rules. She’s cute, petite, and a total smartass—not even his type. But she’s hard to forget. Especially once he runs into Riley and her toddler on a rustic mountain getaway and sees what he’s missing. Her kid makes him laugh all day. And Riley makes him burn all night.

Too bad a relationship is impossible. But they can enjoy the attraction. It’s not like they’re going to fall in love…

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Kensington Books.

 “If you are looking for a heart wrenching story that will leave you with a happy heart in the end then I highly recommend Never Let Go.”
Full Review: Five Laundry Baskets on Forget the Housework

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The third book in the Pack of Lies Series is here!

Protected Dax Vanderthorn has spent the last few years making his name and his company respectable again after his father’s death. While Armon had ruled with fear and an iron fist, Dax depends on his skilled employees to assist him with the success of Vanderthorn Enterprises.

Zoe has been working for Vanderthorn Enterprises for a few years, keeping under the radar until one day when Dax calls her up to his office to ask a few questions. When he recognizes her as an ex-lover, things between them begin to heat up once again.

As she and Dax get closer, she realizes she has no choice but to let him into her life and share the secret she’s been keeping from him for the last seven years.

Dax had planned to have a family someday. He didn’t realize he already had one.

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon!

Nick of Time

Book 2 in the Blue Ridge Romance Series

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Kensington

Nick of TimeA romantic cabin in the mountains. And a man who knows how to get lost…

With a brand-new M.D. behind her name and a wonderful man by her side, Nichole Atherton thought she had her happily-ever-after all sorted out. Then her fiancé told her he was gay. Nic can fake a smile better than anyone, but she’s hanging by a thread. She just has to make it through her best friend’s wedding…and an encounter with his nightmare little brother, Tucker Matthews.

Weddings make Tucker antsy—he’s got a bad track record with “forever.” The family screw-up became a screw-up famous rock star, and bottomed out fast. Now he’s putting his life back together, and the last person he wants to see is perfect Nichole. No matter how hot the fantasies he had about her growing up, Nichole is out of his league and he knows it. It’s just too bad they have so much chemistry. Because there’s no way the two of them could ever make it last…

The second book in the Blue Ridge Romance Series.

 When Least Expected 

Blue Ridge Romance Book 1

Whispering breezes, clear mountain lakes—and her ex.

When Least Expected_FinalAlexis Montgomery thought her marriage was fine. Sure, they were going through hard times, struggling to get pregnant—but she and Ian had chemistry, friendship, and love. Or so she thought, until she found the separation agreement waiting for her on the countertop.

After the divorce Ian Montgomery feels like life is spinning out of his control. He’s got a new girlfriend, even if he can’t remember why he’s supposed to want one. His family clearly likes his ex-wife more than they like him. And then he inherits the romantic family cabin in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, where he and Alexis honeymooned. Or rather, they both inherit it. Together.

A weekend alone with fresh air and fresh wounds seems like the worst thing that could happen to an ex-couple trying to keep it civil. But life is full of surprises—and Ian and Alexis are in for a big one…

Click here to read the first chapter!

Find out more from the author here, or watch an author reading here.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

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Pack of Lies – Book 2

When Elias Brewer kidnaps Gia Holbrook, he gets more than he bargained for, much more. She’s a wolf shifter and the full moon is near! Promised is the next exciting chapter of Allison B. Hanson’s paranormal romance series, Pack of Lies. Desperation can drive a man to do the unthinkable, but forgiveness can open the door to love.promised (2)

Elias Brewer is desperate. His brother urgently needs expensive cancer treatments to live. But all of Eli’s money is tied up in a business deal with Vanderthorn Enterprises. And Dax Vanderthorn isn’t returning his phone calls.

In a final attempt to get Dax to pay him, Eli kidnaps Dax’s girlfriend. Except nothing goes right. She’s no longer Dax’s girlfriend, and she’s sick. Very sick. But he has to stick to the plan.

Gia Holbrook can’t imagine a worse time to shift than while being held captive by a regular human. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a choice as the full moon is coming. She escapes him in her wolf form, but days later she’s still thinking about the desperate man with the gray eyes.

When he shows up at her doorstep with an apology and a proposition, she decides to give him a chance. As their relationship grows, she worries about their future and faces the biggest decision she’ll ever make. Does she pass on her wolf gene or spend her life with the man of her dreams?

 FIVE STAR REVIEW from Redz World!!!

“It made it very believable for me. I loved the character’s connection to each other. They are really emotionally invested in each other and it showed.

I really liked this series so far. I would love to read more. See what other unlikely pair will find love next and how it all plays out. Five Shooting Stars”

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon! 


Pack of Lies – Book 1

Camille Anthony was abandoned at an orphanage when she was only Pledgeda year old. She knows nothing of the parents who left her with strangers, and has spent her whole life struggling to fit in, without success. But on the night of the full moon, she undergoes a change she’s never felt before—she becomes a wolf. She hopes the changes will finally give her a place to belong, as well as answering questions she never knew she had.

Will Holbrook knows he can’t have anything long-term with Camille. After all, he is a wolf, and he was raised knowing wolves only marry other wolves. When she reveals to him that she is changing in the same way he does every full moon, he thinks things will finally work out for him. Until a new fear arises. Wolves are usually pledged at birth, and Camille has no memory of anything that might have happened before she was left at the orphanage. Could she have a mate already? What will he do if one shows up?

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon!  


Detective Shayna Winslow has her hands full trying to catch a serial killer. As if her job blackout - Copywasn’t stressful enough, she is also trying to start a relationship with the troubled Tristan whose personality shifts like a breeze.

The problem is, it isn’t just Tristan’s personality she’s dealing with. While Tristan is the shy, sweet crime-scene photographer she’s falling in love with, he is also Aaron, an edgy and confident bad boy. But could Aaron be deadly? Tristan cannot remember what Aaron does during his blackouts, and he worries that whatever Aaron is up to, it’s illegal.

Suddenly, Shayna and her partner, Kevin, are assigned to solve a series of gruesome murders of women that occur close to Tristan’s home. Can she solve her case when she thinks that—just maybe—her boyfriend is involved in the crime? As she hunts for the killer and helps Tristan unlock the secrets of his past, she finds the two trails are dangerously close to overlapping.

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon!  – October 2020

Other books written by this author under the pen name Anson Barber…

Racing Hearts Series…

                                    Race Against Time 

Book 2

RATChase Hinkley is excited to be starting his semiprofessional racing career. He’s eager to move up the ranks with his heart set on NASCAR, but his dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Being a driver for Burke Motorsports isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. His boss, Kevin Burke, is a devious man who bets against his drivers and manipulates races for his own ends.

Worse, is the fact Chase is falling for Burke’s girl—the beautiful Ryan Westcott. Chase can’t compete with the fancy gifts Burke showers her with; all he can offer is a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. Trying to keep his feelings within the barriers of friendship, Chase also wrestles with a car that doesn’t run right, sabotage, and constant threats if he doesn’t fall into line and cooperate with Burke’s plans.

Despite the damage to his career, he has no choice but to intervene when Ryan is threatened by Burke. Being Ryan’s hero is better than winning any race on a track, and his goals quickly shift to include her. With Ryan by his side, he begins to think about a different path, one that doesn’t include being on the road—a simpler future where he can settle down in his hometown, surrounded by his friends and family, and live his life with the only girl who has ever touched his heart.

But Ryan isn’t what she seems, and her gift might destroy everything.

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon!

Spark of Doubt

Book 1

SparkJasmine has been able to move things with her mind ever since she was nearly electrocuted at the age of sixteen and has kept her talent hidden from her friends and family for nearly ten years.

When she discovers her boss, Marcus Weller, has the same ability, she decides to share her secret with the man she has had a crush on for years. As they experiment with the boundaries of their abilities, other boundaries start to shift and romance sparks.

Though Marcus has just gotten through a trying divorce, he seems determined to start a serious relationship with a reluctant Jasmine. Unable to keep him at bay any longer, she finally concedes to his proposal, but when Jasmine suddenly loses her powers, she wonders if he’ll lose interest when she’s no longer special.

Notice this book is no longer available by the publisher. It will be re-released soon!  

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