The Power of a Super Power

In many of my books, one or both of the main characters have an ability outside the scope of a normal human being.

A lot of times the super power will take on a character of its own.  They will be the person as they are normally, and then the person as they are when they shift into the role of hero, wielding their powers for good.  Generally, the power always goes beyond the surface of the human, changing the way they look at everything.

They are no longer ho-hum John Doe, they now have a responsibility to help people.  Or if they’re a villain, they spend all their time plotting a futile yet elaborate attempt to take over the world.  Regardless of their goal, the need for secrecy is always a necessity.  After all, it’s quite difficult to save the planet when you have the paparazzi following you everywhere.

Most super heroes enjoy the exploration and initial excitement of their gift, but soon grow weary of the stress it adds to their life.  Eventually they find balance.  A way to cope and maintain a fairly normal existence, at least when they’re not fighting crime or fending off attempts at global domination.

We never like to see our heroes burdened down with more than they can handle, but we love to cheer them on when they overcome evil and save the day.  The superpower isn’t the only thing that makes them special, it’s how they deal with obstacles that win our hearts.

What makes a person with superhuman powers want to use them to help others?  It’s most likely the inherent goodness that’s found in everyday heroes who don’t possess any other power but the willingness to lend a hand when one is needed.  The world would certainly be a darker place without them.

Many people wish they had a skill of some kind.  Whether it be the ability to fly or, as for me, just being able to whistle, we all want to feel special in some way.

Growing up as a comic book girl, I always fantasized about how a spider bite could possibly turn into a good thing, and anxiously waited for some life-altering event to happen to me.

It never did.

Unless you would call the ability to make up characters and worlds with nothing other than my own imagination an ability.  I guess in its own way, writing is a super power.  One that, fortunately, doesn’t require a Spandex suit or a meddlesome cape.

If given the choice, what super power would you want to have?

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