Nick of Time

Nick of Time

A romantic cabin in the mountains. And a man who knows how to get lost…

Nick of TimeWith a brand-new M.D. behind her name and a wonderful man by her side, Nichole Atherton thought she had her happily-ever-after all sorted out. Then her fiancé told her he was gay. Nic can fake a smile better than anyone, but she’s hanging by a thread. She just has to make it through her best friend’s wedding…and an encounter with his nightmare little brother, Tucker Matthews.

Weddings make Tucker antsy—he’s got a bad track record with “forever.” The family screw-up became a screw-up famous rock star, and bottomed out fast. Now he’s putting his life back together, and the last person he wants to see is perfect Nichole. No matter how hot the fantasies he had about her growing up, Nichole is out of his league and he knows it. It’s just too bad they have so much chemistry. Because there’s no way the two of them                                                                               could ever make it last…

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♥ :: Nick of Time by Allison B. Hanson :: ♥  .

November 13, 2015


★ Preview-Review ★
This is a beautiful and heartwarming novel about love and forgiveness. When two people reconnect after years of not seeing each other sparks begin to fly. But when problems get in their way can their relationship withhold them?Read my full review here: Nick of Time book review
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Overall Rating: 5 stars