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Her Reluctant Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 2

Her Reluctant Highlander Husband-500After nine lonely years as her father’s prisoner, Dorie McCurdy is forced to marry the new war chief of clan MacKinlay. Terrified and unwilling to speak, she imagines the worst of her handsome, imposing new husband.

Bryce MacKinlay Campbell’s wife and child were taken by illness years ago, and all he’s wanted since is to be alone. Unfortunately, he is ordered to marry the McCurdy laird’s daughter for an alliance between their clans. He’s appalled by the way his bride is treated by her family when she shows up looking like a ragged, homeless waif. Bryce can provide for her needs, and offer his name, but not his heart—that will never happen again.

In her husband’s strong arms, Dorie slowly emerges from her silence…and gradually the ice around Bryce’s heart begins to melt. But when she is unexpectedly offered an annulment, she must choose—stay with Bryce, who she’s fallen in love with but who never wanted her, or choose the unknown possibilities of a different future.

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Her Accidental Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 1

HerAccidentalHighlanderHusbandMarian Fletcher Blackley, Duchess of Endsmere, is on the run from the English Crown for killing her abusive husband in self-defense and only has one safe place to go—the MacKinlay clan in Scotland, where her sister is the laird’s wife.

War Chief Cameron MacKinlay has vowed never to marry. He has his lands and his clan, and that’s enough for a good life. Or it was, until a sprite of a lass came running out of the forest with hounds nipping at her heels and an English bounty hunter not far behind. Cam is compelled to save her by claiming the disheveled duchess as his wife. But he certainly didn’t intend to marry her for real!

Now he’ll do anything to protect her…

Easter Egg

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