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The Work Wife

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From boardroom to bedroom…

Jamie Witmer recognizes a good thing when she sees it, whether it’s the elegant buildings she helps design, or her effortless working relationship with her partner, Weston Archer. But being the second-place team at their Boston firm doesn’t get Jamie and Wes invited to the couples-only retreat with a potential client. So Jamie has an idea–she and Wes will become married friends with (company) benefits…

Wes has enjoyed working with Jamie since she walked into his life five years ago, and her crazy plans have kept his otherwise boring life, exciting and fun. Their new fake marriage leads to even closer contact. Contact leads to temptation. And when they finally act on all that heat, the passion is more intense than either of them could have imagined…

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But now that their friendship is irrevocably changed, it might be time for something even sweeter to begin… Letter H

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  1. Sarah Mausolf says:

    It was great meeting you last week! Thank you so much for sharing Nick of Time with me! I loved the book and read it in just one sitting 🙂 You have a gift for romance and humor, and such fast pace. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series. My favorite line I think is “It was best not to let his head get too big. For safety reasons.” That cracked me up! Hope you have a nice day.

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