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Her Forbidden Highlander Husband

Clan MacKinlay Series – Book 3

Her Forbidden Highlander Husband v8Found wandering on MacKinlay lands when he was a young boy, Liam was given a
home and a name by the MacKinlay laird. He was grateful, yet, he never quite felt
like he belonged. Instead, he longed to one day have a family of his own. And he’d
hoped to start that family with Evelyn Stewart.
Having met her years ago under dire
circumstances, he hadn’t forgotten the strong woman he’d escorted back to her family’s
lands. When her father rejects his offer for her a third time, Liam has no choice but to
return to his clan empty-handed and empty-hearted.
Evelyn made a mistake years ago and paid for it dearly. During her time in captivity,
she’d wished only to be returned to her loving father. But the kind man she’d known
changed into a bitter laird who has barely looked at her the last four years. Now, he plans to marry her off to a man she’s never met to a clan she knows nothing about. She hoped never to be forced to marry, but now that it seems inevitable, the best she can hope for is to pick a man she knows to be kind. Liam MacKinlay was a friend years ago. During her darkest days when she’d thought she might fall apart, he was there to help hold her together.
Running away to marry him seems like her best option at the time, and Liam is willing to
face whatever comes next to have her as his wife. But every decision has repercussions
and every marriage faces challenges.
They can only hope their marriage doesn’t end in war for their clans.

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