A Plea to Summer Part 1

Dearest Summer,

It seems every year, about this time, I do something to upset you. Maybe it’s mentioning how much I enjoy Limited Edition pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts, or how I think the changing leaves are pretty. Whatever it is, you always make this grand exit, leaving me cold and miserable for months on end. Then just when I think you’ve forgotten me, and we might finally be over, you come back in June.  You’re all hot and smoldering, so of course I cave and take you back. Why do we have to go through this drama every year? You know you’ll be back, I know you’ll be back. So I like pumpkin, is it really that bad? I mean, I wouldn’t even have pumpkins if it weren’t for you.  Just stay! Please stay! I’ll do ANYTHING!! (Except give up pumpkin, or relocate to a climate that is closer to your job. That’s off the table.)

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